For those Christians posting articles and videos about “what the Bible really says” about homosexuality and saying traditional Christians are misled by “poor translations”:

How is it that for three thousand years these interpretations were never taught by the Jews or the Greek Church fathers for whom the Biblical languages were their native tongues and for whom the Biblical cultures were their native cultures only to be discovered by progressive professors in the modern post-Enlightenment, post-Christian West during the sexual revolution of the 1960s?

Do you honestly believe that for three thousand years, no rabbi, no Jewish theological school, no saint, no Fathers, no Doctors of the Faith, no council, no creeds ever knew “what the Bible really says” on this topic until some liberal professors in the 60’s found what their a priori bias wanted to find in the Scriptures?

I encourage Christians who uphold the Christian moral tradition on this to live and speak in such a way that you leave no reasonable doubt that you love homosexuals unconditionally and wish them no ill will and that you respect their autonomy.

I encourage Christians who have been misled into compromise on the historic Christian moral teaching to return to an orthodox understanding of Scripture and Tradition and once again “contend earnestly for the Faith once delivered to the saints.” (Jude 3)



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