Science & Scripture

There is no doubt about it. The last several centuries have been an adjustment for Bible believers. Beginning with the realization that the unanimous view of geocentrism was wrong, the switch to a heliocentric model of the universe was difficult for many Christians. They saw the new science as a betrayal of the literal and clear teaching of Scripture by godless scientists. Reading the comments of men like Luther and Calvin in response to Copernicus is a lot like listening to Ken Ham and Kent Hovind rail against Darwin.

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I had an online exchange earlier today with  an academic sounding soul who wanted to push the old idea that Christianity is not truly unique as a religion because it stole many of its beliefs and practices from paganism. To set the stage: What set this gentleman off was someone who had posted to Facebook a still shot from Mel Gibson’s movie about Jesus showing Him carrying the cross to Golgotha. I guess he wanted to rain on the Christian Easter parade (this weekend is the Western Easter) and enlighten us with the real origins of Christianity. I decided to post the conversation to… Continue reading

In debating an atheist on whether there is indeed order in the universe to the degree that we can refer to it as “fine-tuned” I came up with this response which I decided to post for any other would-be apologists looking for a concise answer to this common objection:

“While a few great minds do reject fine tuning, it is not really doubted among the vast majority of scientists (atheists included). They do not ascribe this to God, of course, and that is why they have speculated about counter responses like the multi-verse. There is not really much disagreement on whether there is fine-tuning, the… Continue reading

A Major Problem with the speed of light, Young Earth Creationism, and the appearance of age argument:

Seven Points about starlight in honor of the Seven Days of Genesis-

  1. It takes light 8 minutes to reach us from the sun. If we observe a solar flare we are actually looking at what was happening 8 minutes ago on the sun.
  2. The further away an object is from us the longer ago what we are observing occurred. Therefore when we look at Andromeda scientists tell us we are seeing what happened 2.5 million yrs. ago since it is that many light years away.
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